51 weeks to your wedding – set your wedding budget

With just under a year to go until your big day, there is one important task and 2 very easy ones for you this week.

Prepare your wedding budget

Unless you know how much you can afford to spend, planning your wedding might turn into a real nightmare, so working out your budget is something to be done sooner rather than later. You can use our free budget breakdown sheet to get you started.

If other people are contributing to your wedding, you’ll need to know how much they are contributing, and also when they will be able to contribute.

Get to work on the guest list

Start thinking about who you would like to attend.

One of  your major expenses will be the wedding catering, so you could consider inviting just your nearest and dearest to the ceremony and reception, and inviting the rest of your friends to the evening celebrations.

Wedding guest book from creativebridal.co.uk

Don’t worry about the guest list for now though, we will cover that in more detail in week 38. Right now, all you need is an approximate idea of how many people you can afford to cater for (and therefore invite!)

Choose the bridal party

The final job this week is to select your matron of honour (or chief bridesmaid), bridesmaids, flower girls, best man, page boys and ushers.

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