Wedding fairs – money well-spent or money down the drain?

Let’s be honest, wedding fairs are divisive. You either love them or loathe them. Think they’re a complete waste of time and money, or that they’re a fantastic and valuable way to market yourself. There is no in-between.

Why do some suppliers not like them?

  • It’s rare to get bookings there and then at the fair, so what’s the point?
  • Some fairs are poorly managed, and the organisers will allow a disproportionate number of suppliers from the same category. How do you even get noticed?
  • Most wedding suppliers don’t have a pushy sales technique, so how can you get couples to book you?

Why do other suppliers love them?

Simply because they’ve realised that wedding fairs aren’t the place to make immediate sales.

They are where you introduce yourself, leaving the door open (with a little bit of work) for you to build a rapport with the couples that you meet. You keep in touch with them, staying at the forefront of their minds, and after a handful of carefully planned contacts, they will be comfortable enough to book you.

Once you can see how you can make them work for you, you’ll never look back!

In this series, I’ll show you how to prepare yourself, suggestions of things you can sell at wedding fairs, how to make the most of those hours at the fair, what not to do on the day, and how to follow up after the event.

Part 2 is up on the blog next Monday.

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