52 weeks to your wedding – getting started

Most wedding planning timelines are based on monthly tasks, so to make it easier and more realistic for you as you plan your wedding, I’m giving you a series of week-by-week wedding planning tasks.

Top priority is to set the date and venue for both the ceremony and reception, which is not always as easy as it sounds.

You may have a specific wedding date in mind, in which case you’ll have to find a venue that’s free on your date. Or you might have already found your perfect venue, but you might have to be flexible on your date.

Dates at the best venues get snapped up way in advance, often more than a year ahead, so booking your venue really should be your first priority once you decide to get married. After you book your venue, you’ll still have at least a year to organise everything else.

If you are having a church ceremony, make an appointment to see the vicar to book the church and pay the deposit.

Arranging a civil ceremony is not quite as straightforward, because you’ll need to shortlist 3-5 venues that you really like and get in touch with them to check what dates they have free. Make an appointment to view each of them. On your visit you should get to meet their wedding co-ordinator (if they have one, and most wedding venues do these days). Don’t forget though, that the venue’s co-ordinator is only there to ensure things run smoothly at the venue on the day. They don’t help you with the rest of your wedding planning, and they may not even give you the best advice, or make all the small print clear before you sign. The bottom line is – they just want you to book with them!

Once you’ve chosen your venue and confirmed availability you’ll need to liaise with the local Register Office (you can’t get married if you haven’t booked a Registrar to come to your venue and perform the ceremony) and then book the venue and pay your deposit.

Please have a quick read of my article How To Waste Money When Planning Your Wedding! before you sign on the dotted line and pay any money. It is absolutely true!

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